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Jan 17, 2013 10:00pm PST
i don't want to see you get hurt. don't worry, altagracia. sandoval won't be suspicious of fennix. we'll see to that. carrasquilla, we need to get to work, launder a lot of money. perfect, antonio, what about alicia? she's doing fine, she's bringing me a lot of money. i'm all alone in this business, i have to handle it by myself. i have an army of lawyers to pay, and prevent anyone from talking. i understand completely, don't worry. i have a new contact at fennix. we'll move all of that money. -fennix? -yes. what are you talking about? laurens, martinez's assistant, she'll help us move the money. no, carrasquilla. fennix was intervened. -intervened? impossible. -no, it's not impossible. it was and that laurens woman is probably a traitor. or are you the traitor? tax, itsabemos que estourens woman es más que un sueldo.. sabemos todo lo que tuviste que martillar, manejar, servir y enseñar. por eso te ayudamos a quedarte con lo más que se pueda de tu bien ganado dinero. nuestra entrevista personalizada incluye todo, desde el despliegue de alguien en servicio militar, hasta los col
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1